Delta Passenger's Lucky Day: Gets Entire Flight To Himself

Cornelia Mascio
Agosto 13, 2019

"Will the only passenger on this flight kindly board at this time".

Vincent Peone told news outlets that he landed the solo trip after his morning Delta flight operated by SkyWest Airlines out of Aspen, Colorado, was grounded last week.

Have you ever wished you could have a whole plane to yourself?

A New York-based director got the surprise of his life last week when he discovered that he would be the only passenger on a Delta Airlines flight and as a result, he made a decision to document the experience.

Get to meet the pilot.

Delta sent a tweet to Peone, thanking him for the post. That looks like an awesome experience! Thank you for the shoutout, and we truly appreciate you for choosing Delta!

The aircraft generally used for this route carry about 70 people, according to SeatGuru.

A cart pulled up alongside the plane, and ground crew workers loaded enough weight to allow the plane to take off.

The one-minute-long video, which racked up almost 800,000 views byTuesday morning, goes on to show Peone walking out to the plane and talking to ground agents, who are seen adding sandbags to the cargo hold for weight, before boarding and listening to the flight attendant's safety instructions.

"I arrived at the airport, which is a very tiny airport, and at the desk, they were like, "I don't know if we even need to make the announcement because it's just you", Peone told The Washington Post. "I was like, "Oh, no. Do the announcement.' Obviously, everyone really enjoyed playing along".

Mr Peone cuts to a still of him at the end of the video posing on the steps to his "private jet" with a drink in hand to the song "Up, Up and Away" by The 5th Dimension.

Peone confirmed that he was told he could sit anywhere he liked.

"I was tempted to try to set a record to sit in every single seat for like, two minutes on the flight so that I could actually sit everywhere", he cracked. "But I didn't feel that ambitious".

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