Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas sees 'unprecedented devastation'

Rodiano Bonacci
Settembre 11, 2019

Dorian is travelling west at just over 1mph (2km/h), says the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

"We can't make everybody happy, but we believe we can keep everyone alive", McMaster said. "It is very unsafe to be outdoors if you don't have to be outdoors". Forecasters expected Dorian to stay off shore, but meteorologist Daniel Brown cautioned that "only a small deviation" could draw the storm's risky core toward land. Rainfall is going to be a major factor.

"While we are relieved that most of the nation will be unaffected, we are deeply concerned about our neighbours in The Abacos and Grand Bahama Island".

For now, much of the attention has been focused on the Bahamas, where updates have been hard to obtain as the storm pounds the islands.

By 9 a.m. the National Emergency Management Agency announced that all rescue efforts had been put on hold.

Mandatory evacuation orders for low-lying and flood-prone areas and mobile homes were in effect starting either Sunday or Monday from Palm Beach County north to at least the Daytona Beach area, and some counties to the north issued voluntary evacuation notices.

Speaking from an emergency call center in the city of Freeport, Don Cornish, the disaster manager for Grand Bahama said the storm sounds "like a freight train is passing", adding that there is flying debris and intensifying rain.

Another video, shared by WFLA News reporter Josh Benson, showed the inside of a destroyed building in the Abaco Islands.

The slow-moving storm's span is so wide that residents in Eleuthera, Cat Island, the Berry Islands and Andros also were feeling its catastrophic effects.

"At this moment, it feels as if the hurricane is here in north Eleuthera, lots of rain, wind and no power from Saturday and no water from this afternoon", Carolyn Neilly wrote on Facebook at 11 p.m. Sunday.

"There are many hard days, weeks, and months ahead of us as a people and as a country", the prime minister said.

Based on reports out of Abaco, the devastation is unprecedented. A radio station received more than 2,000 distress messages, including reports of a 5-month-old baby stranded on a roof and a grandmother with six grandchildren who cut a hole in a roof to escape rising floodwaters. She has since deleted her account but not before writing in another tweet: "Remember that time [Disney Cruises] left 97 employees on a tiny island in a Catagory 5 hurricane?"

Ingrid McIntosh told the local EyeWitness News channel that her grandson, who was in the Abaco Islands, likely drowned.

"I know nobody could move in Freeport but please if yall could get a boat or somethiing to churchill drive we will appreciate it".

Member of Parliament Darren Allen Henfield, who represents north Abaco, called for the same.

Hurricane Dorian, is exclusively dedicated to the search for family and friends in the Abaco Islands, located in the northern Bahamas.

"We're kind of in a holding pattern". Earlier, Dorian churned over Abaco island with battering winds and surf during Sunday. There was still no word, he said, from the nearby cays where some individuals had refused to evacuate.

He said that aid workers were expecting there to be "significant humanitarian needs" in the Bahamas once the storm passes.

Dorian was lingering over the Bahamas this morning - leaving an airport under five feet of water - but is expected to move towards the Florida coast later on Monday.

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