KFC breaks into gaming with a Colonel Sanders dating sim (yes really)

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Settembre 11, 2019

A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator"-features an unsettingly young and handsome version of Colonel Sanders drawn as an anime character". No, "KFC" is not some weird weeabo acronym - I'm literally talking about the fast-food chicken franchise.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced that it is releasing a dating simulation game called "I Love You Colonel Sanders" (ILYCS) where chicken-lovers can try their best to date Colonel Harland Sanders.

It's when you get into the description, however, that things get really wild.

The game says that it will have multiple hours of playtime, although it declines to give a specific number. The game includes secret recipes, cooking battles, "battle battles" and a secret ending. We'll see if a dating sim centered around Colonel Sanders and KFC is any good soon enough, as I Love You, Colonel Sanders will be launching in just a couple of weeks.

KFC has done a lot of odd things to draw attention to its brand in recent years, but this might be the strangest yet. The full title of the game is I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A game like this is sure to generate buzz all on its own, nevermind the profits that can potentially be made from the game itself.

The KFC dating sim is now unavailable, but its Steam page says it'll be released soon.

"Throughout your journey, you'll be faced with life-changing decisions that will affect your chances of friendship and love", explains the Steam page, with a massive wink to the camera.

KFC has said little about the game, except for a tweet on their KFC Gaming Twitter account poking fun that the game even exists. Do you think you'll actually play this KFC dating sim?

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