Hong Kong: Joshua Wong released and en route to Germany

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Сентября 12, 2019

Hong Kong is an inseparable part of China and any form of secessionism "will be crushed", state media said on Monday, a day after demonstrators rallied at the USA consulate to ask for help in bringing democracy to city.

"If some Hong Kong officials are found to have done something that violates Hong Kong's freedoms and the rule of law, the U.S. Congress is entitled to cancel their U.S. passports or could freeze their assets", a participant told RFA on Sunday.

Activists want the United States to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which would impose punitive measures on Hong Kong government officials who suppress human rights in the city, freezing their US-based assets and deny them entry to the US.

Schumer urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring up a bipartisan bill that would require an annual justification of the special treatment afforded by Washington to Hong Kong, including special trade and business privileges, under the US Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992, Reuters reported.

Eve Chen, a 50-year-old admin officer, told HKFP that she believed the bill would provide Hong Kong with a level of global protection: "China doesn't protect us, and Hong Kong is just a small place".

Organizers of the rally said the Chinese government had violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration and undermined the one country two systems agreement in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong made up the second-highest proportion of applicants for a Tier 1 investor visa in the second quarter of this year - a tenth of all applications. SU student housing is not in the main areas of Hong Kong where the protests are, Pomerantz said.

Protest leader Benny Tai told the BBC in their 2019 documentary "China, a New World Order": "I think that must be the understanding of Xi Jinping that they would only allow Hong Kong to have elections that they could control".

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam has since announced that the bill will be withdrawn.

SU Abroad said 41 students were originally enrolled in the Hong Kong program, and three chose not to attend.

The China Daily newspaper said Sunday's rally was proof foreign forces were behind the protests and warned demonstrators should "stop trying the patience of the central government". "Resist Beijing, liberate Hong Kong".

Some American legislators are pressing Trump to take a tougher stand on Hong Kong.

Trump has suggested it's a matter for China to handle, though he also has said that no violence should be used.

She withdrew the extradition bill, but protestors still want arrested protestors to be released, and independent enquiry and universal suffrage.

A huge banner that read "Do you trust the Communist Party?" His prosecution comes less than two months after his release from prison for a two-month sentence related to the 2014 protests.

Wong said he believes he would be freed on Monday.

Separately, well-known Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong said in a statement through his lawyer that he was detained at the city's airport early Friday for breaching bail conditions.

On September 4, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, said members of the US Congress "look forward to swiftly advancing the bipartisan Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to reaffirm the US commitment to democracy, human rights and the rule of law in the face of Beijing's crackdown".

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