What you should know about tropical system headed for Gulf

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Сентября 12, 2019

The National Hurricane Center is giving this tropical wave a zero percent chance of development within the next two days and a 40% chance of development within the next five days. There's a chance it will develop into a depression with heavy rain and some stronger wind as it moves over South Florida.

This system isn't expected to develop over the next few days as it moves very slowly to the west-northwest across the Bahamas.

The disturbance near The Bahamas is still forecast to move into the eastern Gulf of Mexico this weekend. By Thursday, however, upper-level winds are forecast to become unfavorable for tropical cyclone formation. This disturbance is expected to move slowly westward across the tropical Atlantic Ocean for the next several days.

The second tropical wave was located between the west coast of Africa and the Cabo Verde Islands on Tuesday morning.

The hurricane center is giving the system a 50% chance of development within the next few days and 70% chance within the next five days.

High pressure will once again hang around Middle Georgia and do so for the rest of the week.

We're in the peak of hurricane season, and anytime a system is headed for the Gulf, it's a good idea to stay updated on the latest forecast. The ridge will hold for Friday and most of Saturday, so expect a decent amount of sunshine with highs in the mid 90s. Until we get more data, especially from reconnaissance aircraft, models will be in disagreement. The local forecast now has a 30% chance for scattered rain Monday and Tuesday for the potential that some additional tropical moisture reaches the Brazos Valley. The opposite is the case for the EURO, where the operational run show no closed low and the ensembles do. "All we're really talking about for us is an increase in our rain chances over Florida".

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