Mars in opposition is shining even brighter in the night sky tonight

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 14, 2020

Earth and Mars have elliptical, or egg-shaped, paths around the sun; meaning the distance between the two planets widens and narrows as they orbit.

"Since Mars and the Sun are seen on opposite sides of the sky, we say that Mars is" opposite "to Mars".

Check us out List of stargazing apps If you want some more help finding a planet.

Tuesday night sees the moment of opposition, with the planets lining up at just after 11pm. This is a great time to look at the planet, also because it is so easy to see.

The event known as the "opposite" among astronomers occurs once every two years and when the red planet and the sun are directly opposite the earth. This is a flawless time to watch Mars move across the sky.

Mars will be inverse the sun in the sky, which means it will be in the east at sunset and the west at sunrise.

NASA describes the opposition "Effectively "complete" Mars". Mars will be more splendid this year at resistance than it will be again until 2035.

October 2020 is all about the glory of Mars as the glimmering red planet puts on a show throughout the month in the night sky. You can too Wait for a rare Halloween blue moon When our lunar neighbor is full on October 31st.

Look up this week to get a glimpse of Mars, it's making a "close approach" of Earth right now. It's not scary; It is wonderful.

Tuesday, October 6th, was Mars approaching Earth, but this entire month is still a good time to grab a telescope and take a little closer look.

NASA shared an artist's view of the approaching approach on Tuesday, October 6 Compared to the last contraction in July 2018.

Being "close" is relative, at its closest, Mars will still be 33.9 million miles away, according to NASA.

NASA's next-generation robotic rover - a car-sized six-wheeled vehicle carrying seven scientific instruments - also is scheduled to deploy a mini helicopter on Mars and try out equipment for future human treks to the fourth planet from the sun.

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