Warmer, drier winter expected for much of United States, says NOAA

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 16, 2020

Meteorologists are expecting warmer and drier weather this winter for much of the US, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday in its 2020 winter outlook.

Don't worry cold lovers, we will likely still have some winter cold snaps, but this forecast looks at an average for the months of December, January, and February.

"NOAA's winter forecast for the US favors warmer, drier conditions across the southern tier of the USA, and cooler, wetter conditions in the North, thanks in part to an ongoing La Niña", NOAA said.

However, this also means the drought will continue to worsen from California to the Great Plains.

A video summarizing NOAA's outlook for temperature, precipitation, and drought for the 2020-21 winter is available in the third image above.

On the East Coast, most of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic will see a milder-than-normal winter.

The potential for another warmer-than-average winter is being driven by the presence of La Niña, an ocean-atmosphere phenomenon stationed in the Pacific Ocean that alters weather patterns worldwide. The Northern Rocky Mountains will see more snow than usual, and the Great Lakes will see more lake-effect snow.

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