Britain Moves Closer To COVID-19 Vaccine Trials That Infect Volunteers

Modesto Morganelli
Октября 17, 2020

In a significant development, Johnson & Johnson on Monday (October 12) announced that it had temporarily halted the trial of its coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine after one of its participants fell ill.

Its vaccine is in late stage trials in Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey, and the company has said that an interim analysis of Phase 3 trial data could come as early as November.

The decision taken by the US-based company means that it has closed the online enrollment system for the 60,000-patient clinical trial and will now convene an independent patient safety committee.

Pallard, a professor of pediatric and immunity at the University of Oxford, said in a BBC radio program - In this context, we are at this time, any misinformation, where we are trying to think of an intervention, which we will see in the future epidemic To help, whether they are treatment or vaccine, anything that can be very risky.

"We need to increase production of our first and now our second vaccine, first of all we should supply the domestic market", Mr Putin said, adding that Russian Federation will also work with foreign partners to make the inoculations.

Johnson & Johnson emphasized that adverse events, illnesses, accidents, and other bad medical outcomes, are expected during clinical, and a pause gives researchers an opportunity to review all of the medical information before moving forward with the trial.

Given the size of the trial, it's not surprising that study pauses could occur, and another could happen if this one resolves, a source said.

China has said that while reasonable profits for companies are permitted, COVID-19 vaccines should be priced close to cost.

This is the most concrete time frame a leading vaccine developer in the West has given for an emergency-use-authorization application. "It's really cramming three to six months worth of strategic discussions. into 30 days", she says.

The US is attempting to fast-track vaccine development too, after President Donald Trump authorised Operation Warp Speed in April to support companies with federal funding. Vaccine candidates should include a median follow-up duration of at least two months after completion of the full vaccination regimen to help provide adequate information to assess a vaccine's risk-benefit.

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