COVID Scored Big at 'Superspreader' Hockey Game

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 17, 2020

Staff at the Florida Department of Health followed up with isolation and quarantine guidance to those involved, among other steps taken. Each team also participated in separate locker rooms, usually for the 20 minutes before and after the 60-minute match, and no one wore cloth face masks to fight disease. The other two sick people were not tested for COVID.

And in August, a teenage boy from MA who crossed state lines to play in an ice hockey tournament tested positive for COVID-19.

Ice hockey involves intense physical exertion, along with heavy breathing during matches and frequent contact between players, the researchers noted in the report.

"Ice Rink is an indoor environment where deep breathing occurs and people are close to each other, providing a suitable place for COVID-19 transmission".

More than one player may have been infected during the game, the researchers acknowledged, but they believe the index was the only source of transmission when the patient was asymptomatic.

According to the CVC, the average incubation time of Covid-19 is four to five days after onset of symptoms and two to 14 days.

The analysis was limited because not all players were tested for the virus and asymptomatic infections were not identified.

The updated CDC guidelines acknowledge that the coronavirus can spread through the air
COVID Scored Big at 'Superspreader' Hockey Game

"The indoor space and close contact between players during a hockey game increase infection risk for players and create potential for a superspreader event, especially with ongoing community COVID-19 transmission", the report said.

"The ice rink provides a place that is ideal for CVID-19 communication as an indoor environment where there is deep breathing, and people are close to each other", he added.

Thirty-five states are showing increases in new COVID-19 cases greater than 10 percent over the last week compared to the week prior, said the report. Of the 158 cases, Chan said, 117 were linked to a separate outbreak and 41 were not related to a specific outbreak, but were linked to ice hockey. "Hockey was one of the high-stakes activities where we've seen a big boom", Chan added.

People who are believed to have transmitted the coronavirus through hockey-related organizations have reported the disease to others in at least 24 different K-12 schools in the state, he said. "Players from the teams did not have other common exposures in the week before the game".

On Thursday, New Hampshire Government Chris Sununu suspended all snow activity at indoor facilities for the next two weeks.

"Singing, in itself, can contribute to the transmission of aerosol, which is influenced by the loudness of the sounds", according to a report by a program.

One of the few public health professionals Rose Garden Festival At the White House in late September, after dozens of people attended the event, including President Donald Trump and members of his executive, a superspeeder event after the deal was struck, it is unclear where the president first fell victim.

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