Southampton promoter fined $20,000 for hosting a Chainsmokers concert during the pandemic

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ottobre 17, 2020

Today, he's following it up by fining the promoters $20,000 for knowingly violating the law and encouraging the spread of the virus.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Twitter that the promoter behind the show, In the Know Experiences, will be forced to pay a $20,000 Dollars fine for violating the Public Health Law by "holding a non-essential gathering and failure to enforce mask wearing". The fine has been served for a violation of public health law, with ITKE accused of holding a non-essential gathering and failing to enforce mask wearing.

Based on a thorough DOH investigation, more than 2,150 concertgoers attended the event, exceeding the maximum number allowable per the permit. New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, tweeted his disgust for the lack of safety precaution taken for this event and promised that there would be an investigation claiming that "there will be no tolerance for illegal and reckless endangerment of public health".

In addition to the fines, the state penalized the Town of Southampton - where the concert was held - by removing its ability to approve permits for future events without the state's approval.

Back in July, The Chainsmokers played a charity show in the Hamptons in NY, raising $152,000.

Cuomo announced the fine on Wednesday during a phone call with reporters.

"In terms of these drive-in events, there wasn't a certain amount of people it had to be under".

In July, the promoters issued the following statement to Billboard: "Guests were also instructed that they would not be allowed to leave their designed spots for any reason other than to use the restroom facilities".

They also claimed "announcements and reminders were made every 30 minutes from the main stage, and security guards regularly patrolled the area to encourage mask wearing and promote social distancing guidelines".

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