‘The Crown’ season 4 teaser depicts Diana’s not-so-royal romance

Brunilde Fioravanti
Октября 17, 2020

A still from the finale episode of Season 3.What will be the story of Season 4 of "The Crown"?

In a rather unbelievable incident, actress Emma Corrin - who will be seen playing the role of late Princess Diana in the upcoming fourth season of The Crown - has confessed that she had stolen a prop of her character from the sets of the show.

Warmed conversations concerning the funeral setups had actually been actually happening in between Spencer and also royal residence representatives for a couple of times, as Diana's bro thought his younger nephews, Prince William, and also Prince Harry, must certainly not stroll responsible for their mama's casket for the succession to Westminster Abbey. The documentary reveals how Diana helped to break down barriers between the British Royal Family and everyday people, and how even now people continue to fight for the causes she cared about most.

A man in sharp British tongue narrated the full trailer and said that this what fairytales are made of. Fans also get an opportunity to see the first look of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She is another iconic addition to the big list of the newcomers cast.

The teaser shows Emma Corin, having an uncanny resemblance with Princess Diana of Wales, with the famous tousled hair style, and Prince Charles, played by John O'Connor, going through courtship, a lengthy public wedding and a spectacular separation in the backdrop of the Kensington palace. You can check out The Crown season 4 teaser below.

The story of the fourth season is speculated to begin at the end of the 1970s. It will also feature Thatcher, who became the first prime minister of Britain. In the new season, Thatcher's divisive policies will create problems between her and Queen Elizabeth.

In the previous season, the period between 1964 and 1977 was shown.

The trailer echoes the same stuff which occurred in season 1 with Margaret's relationship with Peter Townsend. It seems like a fairy tale showing the wedding of Charles and Diana and their plans for the future to live happily ever after.

With The Crown returning to Netflix next month, fans of the hit show will be eagerly awaiting the drama, as the Royal Family faces more tragedy and turmoil in the hotly-anticipated fourth season.

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