USA court speeds up government appeal to ban TikTok

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Ottobre 17, 2020

TikTok Inc. asked a federal judge to block a broad set of government restrictions created to curb use of the Chinese-owned video-sharing app in the USA, less than three weeks after the company succeeded in halting the Trump administration's ban on new downloads.

However, on November 4th, US District Judge Carl Nichols will hold a hearing to determine whether or not to allow the government to move forward with its ban of the Chinese short-form video app.

President Donald Trump has demanded that ByteDance find an American buyer for TikTok, and the company is seeking U.S. approval for a deal to sell a stake in the app to Oracle Corp. and Walmart Inc. The Trump administration moved to appeal the judge's September 27 ruling last week.

A federal judge in San Francisco blocked similar restrictions from taking effect that would bar the use of Tencent Holding's WeChat.

Shuttering the app on November 12 as now scheduled would also "destroy" TikTok's relationships with advertisers and cause a "massive decrease" in the amount of content available on the platform globally, which would hurt its ability to attract and retain users, the company argues.

Last week, the Trump administration appealed Nichols' ruling blocking the download ban to the US Court of Appeals in Washington.

"Competitors have already taken advantage of the government's highly-publicized intention to shut down the app to entice TikTok creators and users to switch platforms", TikTok lawyers said.

"There would be permanent, devastating harm to TikTok's user base and competitive position", the company said, "even if the government ban were to be lifted after a period of weeks or months".

Shuttering the app on November 12 as at the moment scheduled would additionally "destroy" TikTok's relationships with advertisers and trigger a "large lower" within the quantity of content material accessible on the platform globally, which might harm its capacity to draw and retain customers, the corporate argues.

The company also said that the United States government has failed to produce any evidence to suggest that TikTok source code has ever been compromised or used for malicious purposes. The White House contends that TikTok poses national security concerns as personal data collected on 100 million Americans who use the app could be obtained by China's government.

It is also reported that negotiations are now underway between Walmart and Oracle to obtain stakes in a new company, called TikTok Global, that will oversee TikTok operations in the United States.

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