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Ottobre 18, 2020

The justice department on Friday also scheduled a December 10. execution for Brandon Bernard, who with his accomplices murdered two youth ministers in 1999.

A jury rejected the defense's argument that Montgomery was suffering from delusions at the time, found her guilty and recommended a death sentence.

The federal execution of Brandon Bernard, who with his accomplices murdered two youth ministers in 1999, has also been scheduled for December. Stinnett, 23, was 8 months pregnant and had advertised a litter of puppies online; Montgomery responded to the ad and traveled to Stinnett's Missouri home.

Attorney General William Barr told The Associated Press in July that the Justice Department has a duty to carry out the sentences imposed by the courts, including the death penalty, and to bring a sense of closure to the victims and those in the communities where the killings happened.

"Using a kitchen knife, Montgomery then cut into Stinnett's (the victim) abdomen, causing her to regain consciousness".

Last year, the Trump administration said it would resume federal executions. A struggle ensued, and Montgomery strangled Stinnett to death. Instead, Montgomery strangled Bobbie Jo Stinnett twice - once to the point of losing consciousness and, after starting to remove the baby, once to kill her. Montgomery tried to pass the baby off as her own but later confessed to the crime.

But Montgomery's lawyers say she experienced brain damage from beatings as a child and is mentally unwell, so should not face the death penalty.

But an appeals court held the violation did not in itself amount to "irreparable harm" and allowed federal executions to proceed.

While as many as 22 U.S. states - including New York, Hawaii, and Minnesota - have abolished the death penalty at a regional level, it can still be awarded at a federal level in all 50 states.

Certain crimes, such as counterfeiting currency or mail theft, are automatically tried at a federal level, as are cases in which the United States is a party or those which involve constitutional violations.

In 1972, the US Supreme Court struck down capital punishment both at the state and federal level. Montgomery will be the first female executed by the federal government in almost seven decades.

Why the change in rules on executions?

The Trump administration ended an informal 17-year-hiatus in federal executions in July, after announcing last year that the Bureau of Prisons was switching to a new single-drug protocol for lethal injections, from a three-drug combination it last used in 2003.

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