StarCraft II's Long-Running Esports Lineage Unclear As Blizzard Ceases Active Development

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Ottobre 18, 2020

In a statement on the Blizzard website, Vice President Rob Bridenbecker said that the team was "eternally grateful" for the StarCraft community's support over the past decade, and that the developer would now be exclusively focusing on balance tweaks, bug fixes and, most importantly, "what comes next" for the intergalactic warfaring franchise. Blizzard does not now have any announced StarCraft projects in the works.

Blizzard has made the call to wind down producing additional "for-purchase content" for real-time strategy game StarCraft 2. The developer revealed in a blog post that the StarCraft team will continue doing season rolls and balance fixes, and will in turn be free to "think about what's next".

Check out the full post on the Starcraft II official site. Since then, Blizzard has released smaller content updates for StarCraft II but those are coming to an end this year.

We're going to proceed supporting StarCraft II in the identical method as we have now with our earlier longstanding video games, similar to Brood Battle, focusing totally on what our core and aggressive communities care about most. Additionally, StarCraft 2's esports scene will remain supported by the company and its ESL and GSL partners.

The lights aren't being turned off, as such, the game will continue to be supported lightly by Blizzard, but the development team aren't going to be making any major improvements or changes in the future. The result of each game is 100% in your hands.

Blizzard has produced War Chests, unlockable content packs that include cosmetic rewards, and playable Commanders for StarCraft 2's cooperative mode in recent years. To be better, you have to look at yourself, be honest about any weaknesses, and dedicate yourself to improving. This gave new players access to Wings of Liberty's single player campaign and multiplayer.

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