Elon Musk reveals location for first base on Mars

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 20, 2020

That window Musk pointed out is a launch opportunity that appears every 26 months for the mission to Mars.

Launched windows for missions to Mars are determined in bit rabbits by the Earth's bit rabbit position as it relates to Mars, opening around the window every 8080 days. This is why three robotic missions were launched to the Red Planet - including NASA's Perseverance rover - within weeks of one another, this July.

Through the "window", Elon Musk mentions the possibility of a Mars launch in 2024.

The launch will use SpaceX's existing SpaceX Starship vehicle under development at its South Texas facility.

Musk has long planned to establish a permanent and self-sustaining community on Mars just in case Earth becomes uninhabitable after being struck by an asteroid strike or a nuclear war.

As the world's most successful fan of leaving Earth behind, Elon Musk aimed to send a robotic mission to Mars during 2022 - with a crewed trip slated for 2024.

Robert Jubrin, founder of the Mars Society, stated: "SpaceX accepts the biggest single challenge, which is the transportation system. There are all kinds of other systems that will be required", said Robert Zubrin, founder of the Mars Society, during the conference.

"My personal hope is that we're gonna see Starship in the stratosphere before this year's out, and if Elon is right, reach orbit next year or the year after", Zubrin included.

During Mars Society's 2020 virtual conference, Musk said SpaceX could send an unmanned Starship rocket, which is now in its prototype stage, to Mars in 2024 provided it sees "exponential improvement in our rate of innovation".

Also, in 2024, NASA astronauts will return to the moon under the Artemis program.

Musk unveiled plans for the SpaceX spacecraft in 2016. The task means to dispatch a 165-foot (50 meters) spacecraft atop a huge supporter for profound space missions to the moon, Mars and somewhere else.

SpaceX will also fly space tourists to the moon in 2023 via another Starship mission while Musk's company was also picked up by NASA as among the three commercial teams to develop moon landers for its Artemis program. Both the Starship and its Super Heavy supporter will be reusable.

This year, SpaceX launched two test flights of spacecraft prototypes, called the SN5 and SN6, from the Boca Chica test site in Texas.

SpaceX is presently setting up another Starship model, called SN8, for a 12-mile-high (20 kilometers) practice flight in the near future.

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