2019 saw record-breaking USA renewable energy consumption

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 23, 2020

The deal, which was facilitated and tendered by Bristol-based energy marketplace Renewable Exchange, involves a number of solar farms owned by Armstrong Capital, the London-based asset manager that owns Solar Growth Limited, spread across the south west, south, and East Midlands regions of England. The reason is that different energy forms are frequently measured in units that can't be directly compared with each other. Last year, wind beat hydropower to become the most used renewable electricity generation source.

During September, the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) initiated a project in Ladakh for collection of wind data.

Wood and waste energy (which includes wood pellets, wood, and landfill biomass waste) comprised another 24 percent of the total.

United States renewable energy takes certain very specific forms within the country. The EIA uses a fossil fuel equivalence to calculate primary energy consumption of noncombustible renewables such as wind, hydro, solar, and geothermal. It comprised about 24 percent of the American renewable power consumption total for 2019. Industrial, commercial and electric power facilities use wood and waste as fuel to generate electricity, to produce heat, and to manufacture goods. Only about 2 percent of American homes used wood as a primary heat source previous year.

According to the EIA, hydroelectric power is nearly exclusively used by water-powered turbines to generate electricity in the electric power sector and accounted for about 22% of United States renewable energy consumption in 2019.

Due to rising natural gas production and increased natural gas-powered generation, coal-fired electricity generation capacity continues to retire in the U.S. Following coal capacity retirements, electricity generation from coal has dropped significantly over the past decade to the point of reaching its lowest level in 42 years in 2019. USA hydropower consumption has remained relatively consistent since the 1960s, but it fluctuates with seasonal rainfall and drought conditions.

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