Donald Trump's Twitter account 'hacked' after 'five password attempts'

Remigio Civitarese
Ottobre 23, 2020

The security around President Trump's Twitter account is grabbing headlines after a Dutch ethical hacker claims to have successfully broken in by using the password "maga2020!"

Twitter, however, dismissed the claim that the president's account had been hacked. Victor claims he notified Homeland Security's cyber unit division to inform them about the security breach. He then proceeded to send tweets and messages across Twitter warning the Trump administration, the CIA, FBI, and Twitter about the weak password.

Twitter, meanwhile, has said it has seen no evidence of improper access to the account, which has more than 87 million followers. But a few security researchers are speculating Twitter may have temporarily lowered security on Trump's account after the president caught COVID-19, which would have enabled Gevers access with only a password. In 2016, the hacker claimed he had got into Trump's account by guessing his password with the help of his friends. The researchers took his password - "yourefired" - his catchphrase from the television show The Apprentice - and found it let them into his Twitter account.

Gevers attempted to contact Trump and his digital security team about securing his Twitter account with at least stronger password. One of the passwords he suggested at the time was "maga2020!" he said.

Speaking with the Dutch outlet Vrij Nederland, Gevers was coy about whether he was responsible for the particularly boneheaded tweet.

A day later, on Saturday, Gevers noticed two-factor authentication was turned on for the president's account. The proactive measure thing is referring to a new layer of security Twitter implemented for some accounts after numerous accounts belonging to powerful people were breached in July.

White House press secretary Judd Deere emphatically denied the claims. A spokesperson for CISA did not immediately confirm the report. "Bearing in mind his account was hacked in 2016 and he was saying only a couple of days ago that no one is hacked the irony is vintage 2020". He's known on the Gizmodo staff as reliable after he discovered vulnerabilities in the Oman stock exchange, tracked MongoDB database attacks, and discovered a face recognition database tied to China's monitoring of its Muslim population.

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