'God of Chaos' asteroid set to hit earth! (In 48 years time)

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 29, 2020

Scientists at the USA space agency NASA have warned that the giant asteroid called the "God of Destruction" is rapidly gaining momentum and is moving towards the Earth's orbit. Researchers at the University of Hawaii revealed that some parts of the asteroid are getting heated up due to the Yarkovsky effect. Now the detection of Yarkosvsky acceleration makes the 2068 impact a possibility.

Tholen, along with Davide Farnocchia from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, presented their worrying findings at the recent 2020 virtual meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society.

It was previously thought there was no chance of the asteroid hitting Earth, but scientists now believe it could strike on 12 April 2068. NASA has described this asteroid as the third biggest threat. Tholen said the odds are actually closer to 1 in 530,000, a figure used by the NEODyS impact monitor service, which includes a nominal Yarkovsky drift rate.

A collision with Earth - as improbable as it appears to be - would be seriously bad.

If it were to hit the Earth, Apophis would strike with a force equivalent to 1,151 megatons of TNT (or 1,501,000 kilotons).

Apophis was discovered on June 19, 2004, by Roy A. Tucker, David J. Tholen, and Fabrizio Bernardi at the Kitt Peak National Observatory. The latest research says it is possible beaches will survive climate change by migrating landwards.

These were the details of the news Apophis asteroid closest to colliding with Earth for this day. A new study has found that one particular asteroid, Apophis, can potentially crash into our planet in the coming decades.

The asteroid is being pushed around by sunlight.

Tholen and his colleagues have been tracking Apophis's position for the past 16 years, and they've now noticed a slight departure from an orbital path constrained exclusively by gravity.

The online simulator Nukemap maxes out at 100,000kt, but will provide some small insight into the level of destruction the "God of chaos" asteroid might mete out should it hit the Earth.

Further observations are underway to refine the impact of the Yarksovky effect on Apophis's orbit.

And before you worry too much, scientists are planning to know "well before 2068 if there's any chance of impact". 29075 (1950 DA) has a 1 in 8,300 chance (0.012%) of hitting Earth in 2880, and Bennu, which is now being investigated by NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, has a 1 in 2,700 (0.037%) chance of an Earth impact between the years 2175 and 2199.

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