China positions rocket ahead of lunar mission

Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 20, 2020

Chang'e 5-the sixth mission in the Chang'e program, as there was an unnumbered experimental mission-will be one of the most hard and challenging space endeavors China has embarked on and will become the world's first space operation in more than four decades to bring lunar samples back to Earth.

The heavy-lift carrier rocket is scheduled to blast Beijing's latest lunar mission, the Chang'e 5, into orbit early next week. Natural. This task calls for digging about 7 feet below the surface of the Song 5's Moon Lander component and bringing it to the discovery. Its transport process took about two hours and was reported to be smooth.

After the surface operations are completed, the ascender's rocket will elevate it to lunar orbit to dock with the reentry module. It will transfer lunar samples to the module, which will bring them back to Earth. After separation, the returner re-enters the earth alone, which is expected to land in north China's Inner Mongolia in mid-December.

"This is now one of our country's most complicated and multifaceted space missions", CASC noted.

What is more hard for the job is "the short launch windows", according to Mao Wanbiao, deputy director of the Chang'e-5 mission launch center.

That would allow scientists to study newly obtained lunar materials for the first time since the American and Russian missions of the 1960s and 1970s.

The Chinese space authority has planned three steps for its lunar missions: circulating the moon, landing on the moon and returning from the moon.

This is the second time the Long March-5 carrier rocket, now China's largest launch vehicle, will be put into practical use. This is the second time the carrier rocket will be put into practical use.

China now has a mission on the way to Mars, along with a rover on the moon's far side that is providing the first full measurements of radiation exposure from the lunar surface, information vital for any country that plans to send astronauts to the moon.

General Deputy Designer of the Long March-5 Liu Bing expressed his optimism about the upcoming lunar exploration mission.

The launch has been rescheduled several times. "Now our focus is on key control measures at the launch site, especially in the areas related to the flying mission", Liu told CGTN.

China is drawing up plans for the fourth phase of its moon exploration programme.

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