TikTok Star Loses Almost One Million Followers After Posting 'Rude' Video

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ноября 20, 2020

It appears Charli may find herself even more disappointed about her followers since the number has plummeted by more than 500,000 after the family video was shared, BuzzFeed reports.

Charli D'Amelio has been losing followers ever since her family posted a YouTube video of them sitting down for dinner with beauty influencer James Charles.

American social media teen Charli Grace D'Amelio has landed almost 100 million followers on TikTok since becoming an active creator on the video-sharing app in late 2019.

"You can say I'm disrespectful, you can say I don't have basic human decency, but at the end of the day, I'm still a person", she said.

According to the outlet, D'Amelio claimed she has received death threats in response to the controversial video. "And if this is the community that I'm in and the community that I put myself in, I don't know if I want to do that anymore".

"My family and I have been working with chef Aaron May for a couple of months now, working on content for our channel and working on content for his channel, and [we've] made an wonderful friendship", she explained. "And before even getting into anything, I am so grateful for every single person that follows me, every single person I care about, every single person I work with, every single person who works with me because I am just so grateful for all the opportunities I've had".

While most of the people criticized the social media star there are few friends who are voicing support for her.

Charli responded to the controversy with a tweet that promised fans she'd return with normal content: "Tomorrow I will be back posting normal content with a smile on my face!" I throw up at the smell, the thought or the taste of anything.

Another commented: "The girls are so disrespectful Dixie literally threw up in front of the chef and they act like the food is disgusting like they live in a mansion with a literal chef not everyone has that luxury and they probably aren't even that grateful for it". We're in the content business, and I've known Dixie and Charli for a long time, I've known the family for a long time. She said the snail was a prank from her team, knowing she would have that reaction. "I love Chef, and I would never disrespect him in any way".

He adds: "I love Dixie and Charli, I've worked with them before, I'm going to work with them again. It was all fun and games", Aaron said.

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