AG Landry: Louisiana to get nearly $3.3M from Apple settlement

Cornelia Mascio
Ноября 21, 2020

However, critics claim the company throttled the iPhones in order to stimulate their users to upgrade to newer models. This would cover those who bought any product in the iPhone 6 and 7 lineup. It was a scandal that was fittingly dubbed as "batterygate" and it led to a class action lawsuit.

Previously, the company denied that it purposely slowed iPhone batteries. Most users reported that they noticed the issue in group threads, either when someone responded to a message they hadn't seen or reacted to it, per reports on the issue on Apple's community forum.

Apple admitted as far back as late 2017 to slowing down older iPhones in order to prolong their lives and prevent problems with batteries that may result in unexpected shutdowns.

State investigators claim that this move boosted iPhone sales potentially 'by millions of smartphones each year.' According to reports, the slowdown impacted iPhones that were released between the years 2014 and 2016. Several users complained about the issue on the Web, though Apple didn't make any acknowledgement initially. States said Apple should have been transparent about the problem and offered to replace the batteries. A company's spokesperson declined to comment on the settlement.

However, legal challenges continued.

The deal with a coalition led by Indiana, Arizona, and Arkansa is separate from the scheduled settlement iPhone maker reached in March to pay affected iPhone users up to Dollars 500 million to stem a class action. 1 and 2 affected iPhone user bases.

Apple has settled a lawsuit filed by 34 USA states and the District of Columbia which claimed that the company was throttling the performance of old iPhones. While Apple didn't specify specifically what was going on, the company did acknowledge in its update notes that the lock screen may "become unresponsive on iPhone 12 Mini".

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