Dolly Parton Donates $1Million To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine

Brunilde Fioravanti
Novembre 21, 2020

The two remained friends, and when Amraud mentioned some "exciting advancements" in the vaccine process, Parton chose to donate the money.

Whose on the bingo card, which lists potential cures for the coronavirus, read Dolly Partonin name?

The pandemic has had the entire globe scrambling in order to find a solution to this deadly disease, which has killed over 200,000 Americans-even some North Dakotans who, according to one nurse, insisted that the disease wasn't real up until their dying breaths.

Yep, the "Jolene" hitmaker, 74, is being credited for "curing coronavirus" by fans after it emerged that she has donated $1million (£800,000) to the researchers behind the Moderna vaccine - which is so far showing the most promising results globally.

Only five of the cases were in people who received the vaccine, whereas 90 were in those who received the dummy treatment.

It was just announced this week that that experimental coronavirus vaccine is almost 95 percent effective at preventing illness.

What do you think about the news that Dolly Parton is one of the Moderna vaccine's sponsors?

Abumrad and Parton became friends after she was treated at Vanderbilt after a auto accident.

One major contributor to the team? The university was one of the places where the Moderna vaccine was tested and studied.

So why is everyone suddenly thanking Dolly for the cure to Covid? In addition to being a legendary musician and composer, she's a noted philanthropist who has given millions of dollars of her fortune away to promote literacy, music education, animal rights and more. Earlier this year, Parton came out in strong support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I'm a very proud girl today to know I had anything at all to do with something that's going to help us through this insane pandemic", she continued.

Dolly Parton's new movie Christmas on the Square is coming to Netflix on November 22, 2020, and fans are thrilled to see her new film. "There's a strong argument that America should give up the whole "democracy" thing as a bad idea now, and just make Dolly Parton queen of everything". After all, her story is inspiring.

News of Parton's contribution to the coronavirus fight delighted social media users, with many pointing out she has a history of good deeds.

"Everyone is stressing about how they'll be able to distribute a vaccine to 300 million people as if Dolly Parton doesn't already have that s*** figured out", one person wrote on Twitter. Honestly, spoiled for Dolly choice, so we are.

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