Millions of public sector workers face pay freeze

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ноября 21, 2020

Teachers, police officers, soldiers and civil servants are expected to be included, although NHS workers could be exempted in recognition of their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

In September the Office for National Statistics calculated that public sector workers on average earned 7% more than private sector workers past year.

The Treasury would not comment on the reports ahead of the Chancellor's statement on Wednesday.

"The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been severe, but the pain has not been shared equally".

Robert Colvile, director of the CPS, said: "Healthcare workers aside, it is hard to justify generous pay rises in the public sector when private sector wages are actually falling". The median basic pay award across both the public and private sectors was 2%, compared to 2.5% a year ago. "Geraldo may be on to something", he added. - Tim O'Brien (@TimOBrien) November 21, 2020CNN host Don Lemon took a more direct punch at Rivera, laughing at the supposed "Trump whisperer" for suggesting "something that might make this snowflake of a president feel better."It's pretty pathetic, even ["Fox & Friends" co-host] Steve Doocy had to laugh out loud at it", Lemon said.Rivera argued during "Fox & Friends" that naming the COVID-19 vaccine "the Trump" would be "a nice gesture to him and years from now it would become kind of a generic name."'Have you got your Trump yet?' 'I got my Trump, I'm fine.' I wish we could honor him in that way", Rivera said, noting that the name could help mend divisiveness across the country and smooth the path for Trump to concede the 2020 election.

Workers in the public sector could face a pay cap as the Government grapples with the ballooning cost of the coronavirus pandemic. He said public sector pay levels would need to retain parity with the private sector, where wages have decreased during the pandemic.

Responding to the CPS report, the union Unite said the analysis was "insulting to those public sector workers that have underpinned the fabric of society during this continuing pandemic".

"The government needs to rethink", he said.

"On the very day we discover the government is planning a pay freeze for millions of workers, GMB is gearing up to lodge a judicial review against the government decision to swindle public sector workers of their pensions should they leave their employment due to redundancy".

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said: "Reports of pay restraint for all but frontline NHS staff would be a cruel body blow to other health, care and public service employees working tirelessly to get us through the pandemic".

"Freezing their pay is no way to reward key workers for their service".

"The government must do what's right next week and announce the wage rise all staff have more than earned", he said. "Anything less risks destroying morale when the entire country is counting on them".

Sunak called it the "levelling up" agenda.

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