Nvidia GeForce Now reaches iOS devices via Safari - Apple

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Novembre 21, 2020

Nvidia has confirmed Fortnite is coming back to iPhones through its cloud gaming service, despite Apple having thrown the game off its App Store. However, it won't be doing so via Apple's official App Store.

GeForce NOW, the cloud-powered gaming service that wouldn't otherwise be allowed in the App Store, is now available on iPhone and iPad thanks to the miracle called web streaming, so users can now play games through Safari.

There's no ETA right now as to when Fortnite is supposed to go live on GeForce NOW, but it shouldn't take too long before this happens, NVIDIA says. It allows players to play PC games they have on their cloud, provided they are compatible.

Geforce Now is available in several tiers; Free and Founders (paid). The GeForce Now by Nvidia is yet to officially launch in India, though users can access the service via a VPN. Now it's finally set to come to Apple's prolific iPhone via a new progressive web application, a fancy name for an app that exists exclusively in browser form.

You can play a lot of PC games with GeForce Now, too.

GeForce NOW members can get started by visiting https://play.geforcenow.com/ from devices running iOS 14.2 or iPadOS 14.2.

The company is working directly with Epic Games to develop on-screen controls for the version of Fortnite that will run via the cloud on iOS.

By using this workaround, you'll technically be running the PC version of Fortnite. Epic has, however, announced that the game will release in the "near future".

But Apple has accused Epic of wanting a "free ride".

The dispute began with Epic's implementation of a direct-pay system into Fortnite. And more in-app purchases were made on iOS than on Android.

When developer Epic Games gave Fortnite players the opportunity to save a few dollars by making payments through its own platform instead of Apple's, the game was booted out of the App Store. The company is adding six more European servers "shortly" to meet the demand, and partnering with companies around the globe to bring GeForce Now to other areas.

You can read the full story here. Due to the collaboration, it remains unclear when "Fortnite" will return to iOS.

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