Rare ‘strawberry moon’ lights up sky in Israel and around world

Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 21, 2020

More than likely, the Full Moon on June 5, 2020, will appear the usual pearly-gray to most locations in North America.

The Partial Solar Eclipse, occurs when the Moon, Sun, and the Earth are not in straight line but the Moon came in between the Sun and the Earth partially.

The June full moon is popularly called Strawberry Moon along with other names such as Honey Moon, the Mead Moon, and Rose Moon.

Rather, the Strawberry Moon gets its name for the time of year the full moon appears, according to NASA.

The Strawberry Moon was officially 100% full at 3:12 p.m. EDT on Friday, but it will appear full as it rises on Friday evening until it sets early on Saturday.

The Annular Solar Eclipse will be taking place on June 21, Sunday. Space says it would have just "tinted" the lower edge of the moon.

As NASA wrote on Monday, the moon will be at its fullest around noon PT. Moon watchers in India will be able to watch the full moon with their naked eyes unless the sky is too cloudy. It won't be visible in North America.

This eclipse is also called a strawberry moon eclipse - the term, interestingly, originates from an American concept and has little to do with the Euro-Asia region.

The world will witness the second penumbral lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) of 2020 on June 5. "If the eclipses are going to take up in the beginning or end of the season, the chances that they are going to be total eclipses are very slim", he explains.

This Strawberry Moon will be much dimmer than the recent series of supermoons, not because the moon will be farther away from the Earth, but because it will pass through part of the Earth's shadow to create a lunar eclipse, Accuweather reported. It will encompass the months of November and December.

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