Amazon Echo Frames smart glasses now available, Echo Loop smart ring dead

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Novembre 22, 2020

Today, Amazon announced the all-new Echo Frames with improved audio quality, longer battery life (up to 40% longer for continuous playback than the previous generation at 60% volume), new colors, and features. They were introduced in 2019 as a Day 1 Edition product and were available only through invitation.

The updated Echo Frames are evaluated at $249.99 (generally Rs. 18, 500) and are available to be purchased in the United States, in spite of the fact that their worldwide accessibility isn't clear starting at now.

What that means for consumers is, the Echo Frames are now available for pre-order and will begin shipping on December 10, 2020, just in time for the holidays.

As well as working with Alexa, Amazon says the Echo Frames also support access to Google Assistant and Siri, depending on which voice assistant you use on your smartphone. If you are interested, they are available in three colours - Modern Tortoise, Horizon Blue and Classic Black. Nevertheless, the design remains the same with no visual changes.

This latest version dynamically adjusts the volume of the speakers based on the background noise of the surroundings.

During the past year, Amazon learned a lot from users and has made some improvements to the Echo Frames before launching the second-gen version.

Now users will set up Alexa Routines and automatically pause their TV and turn up room lights when somebody says: "Alexa, I'm getting a snack.' The company further stated, "You can also create a Routine so that when someone says 'Alexa, I'm back, ' Alexa can say 'OK - now back to your show" turn off your smart lights, and resume playing content". They come with a charge cable, plug and case. Echo Frames have now exited its testing phase, with a bunch of new updates for those eager to wear the assistant on their face.

While these smart glasses come with non-corrective lenses, Amazon also mentioned that they are compatible with most prescription lenses.

The glasses can also be used to create reminders or perform actions via voice commands, including answering cell phone calls. While listening to music, the experience on the Echo Frames won't be comparable to in-ear headsets.

While Amazon moved its Day 1 glasses into the public realm, the company simultaneously canceled its other experimental product, the Echo Loop ring.

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