CHINA Chinese experimental vaccine induces a quick response

Modesto Morganelli
Ноября 22, 2020

Because only a Phase 3 trial includes enough people - and runs for long enough for the volunteers included to actually catch Covid - and therefore prove whether your vaccine works or not.

CoronaVac and four other experimental vaccines developed in China are undergoing late-stage trials to determine their effectiveness in preventing Covid-19. "The next step will be to see if this translates into protection from the disease itself".

According to the researchers, volunteers in the trial demonstrated similar immune responses across all three age groups (18-55, 56-69, and 70 and over). Even after vaccines are approved by regulators, drugmakers and public health officials still face the task of producing billions of doses and administering them to people around the world, he said.

The comments from Professor Andrew Pollard, study lead from the University of Oxford, per the BBC, come amid news on Thursday that the vaccine induced an immune response, including in participants over age 70, per phase 2 trial data.

"As a result, it is crucial that COVID-19 vaccines are tested in this group who are also a priority group for immunization", he said in a news release from the journal The Lancet.

The Sinopharm vaccines, as well as another one from CanSino Biologics, were also shown to be safe and triggered immune responses in early and mid-stage trials, according to peer-reviewed papers.

Vials of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine
Vials of the Oxford coronavirus vaccine

Adverse reactions were mild - injection-site pain and tenderness, fatigue, headache, feverishness and muscle pain - but more common than seen with the control vaccine. Moderna's vaccine is expected to be stable at normal fridge temperatures for 30 days but for storage of up to six months, it needs to be kept at minus 20 deg C.

Sinovac is already pushing ahead with late-stage trials, although one phase 3 trial of its vaccine was stopped in Brazil this month after reports of a serious safety concern, with one report stating a death is involved but that it was not in the vaccine arm.

How does it compare to Pfizer and Moderna's candidates?

Separately, Pfizer's chief executive Albert Bourla said on Tuesday that the firm plans to submit its vaccine data to the US Food and Drug Administration for emergency-use authorisation.

Another possible vaccine candidate: Moderna, another pharmaceutical company, announced Monday that early results from its clinical trials show their vaccine is 94.5% effective.

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