Demon’s Souls Secret Door Finally Opened and Mystery Revealed

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Novembre 22, 2020

The mystery is solved!

Bluepoint's remake of Demon's Souls launched alongside Sony's next-gen (now current-gen) console and players quickly discovered a mysterious door that was not present in the original 2009 PS3 game. The game has barely been out more than a week, but the actions of many players sharing information eventually led to Twitch Streamer Distortion2 to sneak a look through the formerly-forbidden portal [Thanks, Game Informer!]. Please, no giggling. This is Demon's Souls, it's serious work only. It was a unusual new inclusion to the game, a puzzle not found in the original PlayStation 3 release. It was shut tight, impervious to attacks.

So, what sort of glorious treasures lie beyond the mysteriously locked door? Much to our surprise, one of the new additions to the remake-the Ceramic Coin-was the key all along.

Players got busy with the first challenge they had found. Bluepoint Games is well known for making remakes interesting by adding secrets and Easter eggs, like they had done with Shadow of the Colossus. Gold coins can be acquired from the Official enemies and consumed for a temporary boost to Luck. The next step requires you to play Fractured Mode and collect 25 ceramic coins which are scattered throughout The Nexus, by the archstones. Ceramic Coins are well hidden and are often under breakable boxes but can only be found with either Pure White or Pure Black tendency.

All players have to do is trade these coins for a Rusty Key with Sparkly the Crow, an item trader in Shrine of Storms. This guide will show you exactly how to open the secret new door in Demon's Souls on PS5 and how to get the Penetrator armor set.

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