Jeezy Reveals How He Handled Intense Verzuz with Gucci Mane

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ноября 22, 2020

After a 15 year ongoing feud, Atlanta rap legends Gucci Mane and Jeezy came to a truce during a hits-packed battle, kicking off season 2 of Verzuz. "I looked at it like we ain't sixth graders".

"I appreciate you for extending the olive branch, I respect that", Gucci said.

Elsewhere, around the:45 second mark, Jeezy commented on whether or not he had plans for the battle, telling The Breakfast Club that his "plan was how I felt". That would have been the biggest upset in my life because I have self-control and I'm very self-aware. "Gucci is an Aquarius and Jeezy is a Libra.You know the Aquarius was going to start something and the Libra wanted it to be fair lol", wrote a user, signifying "feud fatigue" that had clearly set in. "I just promise myself I would never put myself in those positions again because when you react and somebody gets you off your square and you acting out of anger or you acting out of anxiety, it's normally not the right decision".

Jeezy also explained around the 3:10 minute mark if last night would lead to a real moment of reconciliation between the two rappers: "It's been going on nearly two decades. It was a point when we were cool", he said.

It seems there may be peace between the two going forward. "I accept that. No disrespect, it's all love". Time heals all. But that was effort-it's in front of the world. "Even of me being vulnerable and open and honest because I've been guarded for so long because I've been burned so many times". Gucci asked her. Stacey said it's up to the governor.

"The sh*t we came from in the street and the sh*t we been through, I brought you here to show you the world. I don't have no $10,000 outfit, but I own half of Atlanta". "So I feel like as a man, I wasn't going to not do it 'cause of what happened because that's what the platform's for". Jeezy's "Recession 2" is due to drop at midnight and Gucci announced the release of the "Trap God Classics" mixtape during the livestream. This will be the first Verzuz battle with an actual live audience, celebrity or not.

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