COVID-19: Prior coronavirus infection 'offers protection for at least six months'

Modesto Morganelli
Novembre 23, 2020

According to a study by frontline health workers fighting the UK's coronavirus epidemic, people who have Covid-19 are more likely to be re-contracted at least six months after their first infection.

The report claims to be the first significant look at how coronavirus resistance functions.

Conducted in collaboration with Oxford University Hospitals, this large-scale research on immunity to Covid-19 has not yet been independently reviewed. Of the remaining workers who did not have antibodies, 89 tested positive for the coronavirus.

Eyre, a professor at Oxford's Nuffield Department of Population Health, said the study has "shown that being infected with Covid-19 does offer protection against reinfection for most people for at least six months".

The research is the strongest evidence yet that vaccines against the virus will work for long periods.

As with other studies, looking at the antibody response, the researchers found that antibodies against the virus started to drop off after 20 days post-infection.

"We will continue to follow this cohort of staff carefully to see how long protection lasts and whether previous infection affects the severity of infection if people do get infected again", Eyre said.

Jeffery, the director of Infection Prevention and Control for Oxford University Hospitals, described the results as an "exciting find" which indicates "at least short-term protection from reinfection." .

The three healthcare workers with antibodies who tested positive for the virus were all well and did not develop symptoms of COVID-19 again.

France's four mink farms had been "under surveillance" for possible Covid-19 contamination since early November after cases were identified in other European Union countries.

Again. 6 without antibodies testing positive, compared to only three with antibodies.

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