Florida Man Saves Puppy from Alligator

Rodiano Bonacci
Ноября 23, 2020

A man has been filmed wrestling his dog from the jaws of an alligator.

Owner Richard Wilbanks says adrenaline and his instincts kicked in when the alligator grabbed his dog, Gunner, and dragged him into a pond, KMOV reported.

Eventually, he is able to free Gunner, who runs away yapping.

Gunner's doing fine now, though Wilbanks said he's a little hesitant around water after the experience. "It was so quick".

According to Budd, Wilbanks was captured saving his dog from an alligator near the end of October.

Willbanks said he managed to get out of the tussle with minor injuries.

And if you're wondering how the odd scenario was caught on camera, it's because Willbanks was walking Gunner in a pond by his back yard - an area that is shared with the Florida Wildlife Federation and the fSTOP Foundation, which often capture footage of animals like deer.

Wilbanks said his hands were "chewed up", and he went to a doctor for a tetanus shot.

The camera project began as a way to increase the conversation about how humans and wildlife share the same landscape.

Even after his close encounter with the gator, Wilbanks agreed with the wildlife organization's mission, saying he does not want the alligator removed from the pond or destroyed.

And Wilbanks said he and his family have gained a new appreciation for the wildlife around them.

Both Gunner and Wilbanks have recovered and are back to enjoying their regular walks-only now, the two walk on-leash and 10 feet away from the waters' edge.

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