Google built an 'Infinite Bad Guy' generator using 15,000 YouTube covers

Brunilde Fioravanti
Novembre 24, 2020

You can start the experience by heading to or slap on a hashtag to give it a start-up twist like "Infinite bad guy" will play without ads so fans can enjoy this first-ever milestone for Eilish.

"The experience, called "Infinite Bad Guy", is dubbed as the world's first infinite music video where viewers can jump between close to 17,000 cover videos in hundreds of styles you can select from such as "#saxophone" or "#zumba" or even "#dog". We're not the Bad Guy, duh.

'So you think you're a tough guy?' Billie Eilish sings in her super-popular pop song, Bad Guy. "This is a thank-you to Billie and all her friends", Variety quoted Vivien Lewit, YouTube global head of artist relations. "With this data, we were able to line up all kinds of different covers, and switch seamlessly between them", the YouTube team wrote in a blog. As well, fans can hit pause to see all of the previously watched videos and visit the creators' YouTube pages for more content.

Owing to the popularity of 'Bad Guy, ' tens of thousands of people have gone to the effort of making covers of the song and uploading them to YouTube.

In 2020 alone, Eilish's movies have garnered greater than 4 billion world views on her official YouTube channel. She has over 35 million YouTube subscribers, placing her within the high 15 of most-subscribed music artists on the platform.

Earlier this month, Eilish unveiled an entertaining video for her new single "Therefore I Am". The track will appear on her upcoming album which she is now working on with her brother FINNEAS.

Currently, Eilish has no plans to release the album during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What are your reactions to the "Infinite bad guy" video? Inside a couple of seconds, you're offered with two random cowl variations to begin exploring (or you may simply press the autoplay button after which sit again to watch).

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