Australia hits back at 'needless' worsening of China ties

Cornelia Mascio
Novembre 25, 2020

"At all times we must be true to our values and the protection of our own sovereignty", Mr Morrison said.

"Our present challenge in the Indo-Pacific though is a foretaste for so many others around the world, including the United Kingdom and Europe".

Beijing has produced a laundry listing of complaints about Australian insurance policies - from banning Huawei's participation in 5G rollout to its name for an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

It has also targeted sensitive Australian exports with economic sanctions, in a bid to increase the cost of defying China's wishes.

Speaking at the virtual event, during which Mr Morrison accepted the inaugural Grotius Award for his work on the global stage, the Prime Minister said worldwide organisations would be critical in moving beyond the "binary" Cold War mindset.

"Australia desires an open, transparent and mutually beneficial relationship with China", he said.

"Greater latitude will be required from the world's largest powers to accommodate the individual interests of their partners and allies".

"Equally we are absolutely committed to our enduring alliance with the United States, anchored in our shared world view, liberal democratic values and market-based economic model". "As long as it's done in a sensible way, there are plenty of issues the U.S. could work on with China that will suit both of their interests."Blinken would be likely to bring Washington back to its post-war worldwide strategy of advancing American interests by maintaining a world order that is favourable to the USA - which would mean a more predictable China policy than under Trump, he said.Lu Xiang, a USA affairs specialist with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Blinken as secretary of state would be a positive move for Beijing."With his experience, Biden is likely to make some important decisions on foreign policy", Lu said".

"There must be a more nuanced appreciation of individual states' interests in how they deal with the major powers".

Australia's relationship with China has suffered in recent years with a diplomatic row bleeding into trade disputes.

"The root cause of the deteriorating bilateral ties is Australia's repeated wrong acts and remarks on issues concerning China's core interests and major concerns as well as its provocative and confrontational actions", China's embassy in Canberra said in a statement posted on its website on Monday.

"Those who have caused problems should be the ones to solve problems".

"It's as if Australia does not have its own unique interests or it's own views as an independent sovereign state. This is false and needlessly deteriorates relationships".

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