Oxford Covid vax shows strong immune response in older adults

Modesto Morganelli
Novembre 25, 2020

The University of Oxford coronavirus vaccine produces a strong immune response in older adults, its latest trials have found. The latest trial assessed both the quantity and quality of antibody found in participant blood samples.

However, that 70 percent figure is an average of two efficacy numbers from different tests of the shot, one of which showed the vaccine is 90 percent effective.

Meanwhile, a group of airlines and airport operators said they will join in December an initiative to adopt the use of a digital health pass for passengers that can demonstrate travelers' COVID-19 status.

The Phase III results showing efficacy of the vaccine will be released via AstraZeneca, in the same way they have been published by other drugmakers over the past week or so, Pollard said.

The public needs to be warned about the potential side effects of receiving a coronavirus vaccine so they are not put off by the experience or apprehensive about getting a second dose, members of an advisory committee to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, The Hill reported. The Pittsburgh site is still enrolling participants, and people can sign up to volunteer at www.pvtu.org.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is what's known as a "viral vector".

In addition to measuring the quantity of antibody, the study also examined the quality of antibody, its ability to neutralise the virus.

It is also in talks to buy USA firm Novavax's potential COVID-19 vaccine.

"It would be useful to extend the study to explore immune response in older, frailer subjects living in care homes".

Azar said the team already has 100 million kits prepared to "marry up" with proven-effective vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca so far. It also doesn't need ultra-cold temperatures so it might be the best option for middle and lower income countries who can't afford cold storage, and it's less expensive.

"Our scientists are going to pour over the data - and remember, this is a study of over 44,000 individuals - so we're going to look at all the patient data and be very careful about number crunching to make sure that we agree with the conclusion regarding safety and efficacy", Hahn told South Carolina Sen.

'I think we have to be realistic that it will take many months, really, to get the vaccine rolled out and the whole population vaccinated, ' Professor Openshaw said. "We need more time. But it's all exciting".

The team is also testing whether the vaccine stops people developing COVID-19 in larger phase 3 trials and early results from this crucial stage are expected in the coming weeks.

"That data might influence which specific populations we'd recommend for each vaccine, but our communities can rest assured that we've got robust plans in place to handle, store and distribute all of the vaccines", Snyder said.

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