US Prosecutor: Ghislaine Maxwell Doesn't Deserve Bail

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Dicembre 21, 2020

Prosecutors highlighted Maxwell's divorce discussion in a 33-page response Friday to her lawyers' renewed pitch to spring her from a federal lockup in Brooklyn, where she awaits trial on charges she recruited at least three teen girls for Epstein to sexually abuse in the mid-1990s. Maxwell's husband has not been identified in court papers.

In a filing with the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, prosecutors said the charges against Maxwell are "incredibly serious", the evidence against her is strong, and that she poses an "extreme flight risk".

The women that Maxwell allegedly procured for Jeffrey Epstein to abuse have also urged a judge to not allow for her release from prison before trial.

"While a friend's desire to avoid publicity may be understandable, a spouse's desire to distance himself in that manner - particularly when coupled with the defendant's inconsistent statements about the state of their relationship - undermine her assertion that her marriage is a tie that would keep her in the United States", prosecutors wrote.

"On this point, it bears noting that the defendant's motion asks that she be permitted to live with [name redacted] if granted bail, not her spouse", Strauss added.

Mr Borgerson himself has also filed a letter to the court to support his wife, saying that she is a "wonderful and loving person".

According to the documents, Maxwell's bail motion 'fails to establish sufficiently strong ties to the United States that would prevent her from fleeing'.

One victim, Annie Farmer, filed a passionate letter in which she pleaded with the judge not to grant Maxwell bail.

"She has lived a life of privilege, abusing her position of power to live beyond the rules", Farmer wrote. "Fleeing the country in order to escape once more would fit with her long history of anti-social behaviour", she explained, warning the judge not to grant Epstein's suspected "madam" bail.

"Maxwell has repeatedly demonstrated that her primary concern is her own welfare, and that she is willing to harm others if it benefits her", Farmer continued.

Prosecutors said in their filing Friday that they are confident in the strength of the case against Maxwell, which they said will include extensive testimony from the three accusers, as well as corroborating documents and witness testimony.

Maxwell proposed posting a $22.5 million bond, representing all assets belonging to her and her husband, secured by $8.5 million of property and cash.

And in today's filing, the prosecution paints her stay as comfortable with her own shower, phone and TV. Prosecutors did not challenge the accuracy of the couple's tax filings, but argued in their opposition that most of the couple's reported assets were Maxwell's to begin with, and that she had "slowly funneled the majority of her wealth to trusts and into her husband's name over the last five years".

Lisa Bloom, who represents eight victims, told the Telegraph: "With her multiple passports, vast wealth and high profile friends who could harbour her, Maxwell is a clear and present flight risk".

The government also alleged that Maxwell's proposed bail package would still leave her with substantial resources to flee the country. She decamped to NY looking for a fresh start and was soon seen in the company of the mysterious multimillionaire Epstein.

"I write this not only on behalf of myself, but all of the other girls and young women who were victimised by Maxwell", Ms Farmer writes.

Ghislaine Maxwell was "in the process of divorcing" her husband Scott Borgerson at the time of her arrest at a New Hampshire estate in July 2020, as follows from court documents cited by media.

She has proposed living with electronic monitoring in a New York City residence, and under 24-hour guard to ensure she remains safe and does not flee. She would also irrevocably waive her rights to contest extradition from France or England, the two countries other than the US where Maxwell holds citizenship.

Her pledge to waive her rights to contest extradition from the United Kingdom also carried no weight.

Maxwell's lawyers will have one more opportunity to counter the prosecution's argument for her continued detention. Nathan has not yet committed to a hearing and may issue her decision exclusively on the written arguments.

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