Blake Sheltons ‘tone-deaf song ‘Minimum Wage catches flak

Brunilde Fioravanti
Gennaio 5, 2021

Most country singers pay dues and go through things to become successful that no sane human being would.

Shelton shared the music video during a virtual appearance on NBC's New Year's Eve special.

Brooks & Dunn's Ronnie Dunn is speaking out on social media in response to the fan backlash surrounding Blake Shelton's new single "Minimum Wage" to defend the country superstar and call out those further dividing our country.

"Does anyone else find Blake Shelton's "Minimum Wage" song to be incredibly tone deaf to our country's current state?" Yes of course @gwenstefani can make a dude on minimum wage feel rich cuz she's a millionaire.

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a "full-time worker needs to earn an hourly wage of $23.96 on average to afford a modest, two-bedroom rental home in the U.S".

Others pointed out the irony of a wealthy celebrity romanticizing minimum wage, with user @Cody_T_Squirrel calling it "odd timing" for "millionaire country singer Blake Shelton debuting a song on NBC about how love can make them feel rich on minimum wage". First, metaphor. Second, he's in love. Many were quick to point out that Blake is worth $100 million.

Another said that "everybody butthurt at Blake Shelton listens to and supports everything Cardi B does and says lol" while one person just gushed about the tune.

Part of the song says: "Girl, your love is money, your love is money".

Minimum Wage is about a woman's love as money, in the sense that it makes him feel rich even on a minimum wage.

Dunn encouraged fans to read the full lyrics to Shelton's song and closed his message admitting, "Hell, I wish I'd written it". The two announced their engagement on October 27.

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