Look Up! Jupiter, Saturn, And Mercury Form Triangle In The Sky

Rodiano Bonacci
Gennaio 11, 2021

During Christmas week, the night sky dazzled star-gazers with a rare "great conjunction" when Saturn and Jupiter came together to create the "Christmas Star".

Mercury will appear to align with Jupiter and Saturn this weekend in the early evening sky. An approaching weather system that proceeded to cloud up the sky above Twin Falls prevented many from getting a glimpse of the very rare occurrence. Every night of the year, looking southwest to northwest, you can still catch a few constellations that were so important a few months ago, but are now saying goodbye to twilight twilight. It will be visible each evening low in the west, southwest sky before evening twilight ends.

Those who set off from witnessing Jupiter and Saturn are resting in what some have calledChristmas starYou might want to look out shortly after sunset from Saturday 9 January to Monday 12 January.

NASA said that over the weekend, Mercury will appear to pass first by Saturn and then by Jupiter as it moves away from the horizon.

This star show will appear the closest together next Sunday evening, January 10th. In reality they are actually about 450 million miles apart in outer space.

All three planets will fit within the field of view of binoculars.

Spectators should find an unobstructed view of the horizon and begin gazing at the stars no later than 45 minutes after sunset.

The planets will form a triple coupling again on February 13, according to NASA.

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