Flying Cadillacs Are Going to Be a Thing

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Gennaio 13, 2021

CES is the place for insane technology concepts, so it should come as no surprise that flying cars were on the menu this year.

ReutersTwo futuristic Cadillac concepts, an electric shuttle and an autonomous vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone, are seen in a still image from video presented by General Motors (GM) at the 2021 CES show.

The VTOL flying auto (that's the term used for vertical take-off and landing vehicles or passenger drones) is GM's first design in aerial mobility. The vehicle can travel at 90km per hour and uses a 90kW electric motor to powers its four rotors.

Intended for short flights, Cadillac envisions take-off and landing pads on downtown rooftops for its passenger drone. They basically function as an air taxi. Both are just ideas with no production plans - yet.

Michael Simcoe, VP of Global Design at GM, described the concept as "GM's first foray into aerial mobility".

"How do you have a more convenient and luxurious commute?" the narrator on the GM video says.

The news came as GM unveiled a new BrightDrop brand for electric vans and made other announcements on its plans to ramp up electric-powered vehicles.

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