Razer's 'smart mask' concept looks like covid-friendly rave gear

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Gennaio 13, 2021

Razer's N95 mask is slick take on the dystopian aesthetic of gas masks. Project Hazel needs charging, for reasons we will go into in a minute, but at the same time, Razer has thought, why don't we use the time spent charging constructively? This year, Razer is showing off two concept projects: an immersive gaming chair and a high-tech face mask outfitted with, in true Razer fashion, RGB lighting.

That means the mask's interior lights up automatically when dark - illuminating your mouth. But what if you could get the same lighting on a facial mask?

However, the big caveat with Project Brooklyn is that while Razer says the concept was inspired by current products like the Razer Iskur and includes components that are technically available (though only in very early stages of development), at least for now, Project Brooklyn only really exists in renders and the imaginations of Razer's designers.

The ventilators on the mask can also be pulled out and "recharged" by placing them inside a bundled wireless fast charging box, which will also disinfect them with UV light.

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The inbuilt mic and amplifier are to ensure that your speech isn't muffled when you have the smart mask on. It can be custom-made to fit your face shape. The inside of the mask is lined with silicon and Razer promises that the Hazel will be comfortable and cool, while still keeping you safe.

A transparent mask is hardly an innovation itself - there are plenty on the market. The smart mask is made from recycled plastic and is waterproof and scratch resistant. The filter is replaceable, allowing the mask to be used for repeated, long-term use.

The centrepiece of Project Brooklyn is a massive 60-inch rollable OLED display that is positioned so that it wraps around a user's head like a cockpit, delivering a full 180-degree panoramic view. Razer says that the chair is created to "redefine the meaning of total immersion". Similarly, the armrests adjust and retract as needed depending on if you're playing on PC with mouse and keyboard or console with a controller. Project Brooklyn uses Razer Hypersense technology to provide near-zero latency. And RGB lighting of course.

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