Apple Glasses may have the ability to unlock all Apple devices

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Gennaio 14, 2021

The patent suggests that a user might not need to do anything to initiate the unlocking process, but options would exist to require an action. According to the patent, the device will unlock other Apple devices when you get closer to them, to spare you the arduous task of unlocking each of your Apple ecosystem devices. Apple added a similar feature to the Apple Watch. This head-mounted device, presumably the Apple Glass, can then communicate with a nearby device and pass along this authentication. Apple Watch users who have a Mac can enable a feature that allows them to unlock their Mac automatically when they are wearing their Apple Watch. The method includes in response to the intent determination indicating an intent to access the restricted-access function of the proximate device, performing, by the authenticated device, authentication assistance for the user with respect to the proximate device.

"Based on the authentication data, the proximate device identifies the user as an authenticated user and enters the unlocked state from the locked state, such that the restricted-access function of the proximate device is accessible to the user, continues Apple".

For a while now the rumour mill has been abuzz about Apple making AR glasses.

Devices may be unlocked by looking at them or through proximity
Devices may be unlocked by looking at them or through proximity

If the user does actually look at the device, "Apple Glass" could send an authentication code to fully unlock the iPhone. Just like the Watch, a person wearing an Apple Glass could unlock their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other devices.

The newly-granted patent is credited to four inventors, including Fletcher R.

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