Reporter praised for her 'humanity' as she cries through COVID-19 report

Brunilde Fioravanti
Января 14, 2021

Sidner was reporting in California about a family who sadly had to have a funeral for there loved one who passed- in the parking lot because funeral homes were overload.

CNN reporter Sara Sidner broke down in tears live on air this week in an emotional moment during a report on surging coronavirus deaths across Los Angeles.

CNN reporter Sara Sidner had enough of the same when she was reporting on a family grieving the loss of a mother and stepfather due to Covid-19 on January 12.

This video sends a powerful message to everyone.

"It's just not OK, it's not OK what we're doing to each other", Sidner said elsewhere in the segment, adding a call for people to do their part in helping to stop the spread of the virus. "And we've all been struck by the grief, by the collective grief that all of us are in", Camerota replied as Sidner tried to compose herself. No family should be going through this. "But I could not hold this back".

"This is the 10th hospital that I have been in, and to see the way that these families have to live after this, and the heartache that goes so far and so wide", Sidner said, trailing off and wiping away tears as she apologized to anchor Alisyn Camerota back at the studio.

"Your CoVid reporting from California has been nothing short of spectacular, one person wrote on Twitter. The tears, including your own, are totally justified". The people who have to work, to make the country move and they are suffering the most. "And I wept with you this morning because we, as viewers, can't begin to imagine the weight upon you and your fellow journalists to bring us the news".

Sara Sidner breaks down while reporting on the coronavirus.

The United States continues its losing fight against a virus that has infected more than 90 million people worldwide and killed nearly two million.

More than 375,000 people in the United States have died from the virus.

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