USA to slowly allow in asylum seekers under ' Remain in Mexico' program

Rodiano Bonacci
Febbraio 15, 2021

Biden asked the Department of Homeland Security earlier this month to take steps to end the controversial "Stay in Mexico" program devised by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Homeland Security (DHS) officials said in early February 19 that US immigration officials would set up the first phase of a program to begin processing cases of persons placed in "Mexican residents", also known as the "Immigration Protection Code (MLA) program".

He called on US-based immigrants to avoid attempts to cross the US-Mexican border illegally, and now there is a new US administration.

US Secretary of the Interior Alejandro Mayoras, the first Hispanic to hold this position, stressed that Washington is determined to "build a safe, orderly and humane immigration system".

It said there are about 25,000 active cases still.

Trump withdrew the United States from the World Health Organization and the Paris climate accord and largely scoffed at multilateral organizations and groups.

On the day Biden was inaugurated, the DHS announced that new registrations of "Remain in Mexico" program should be halted but instructed those that enrolled to remain where they are till the United States government says otherwise.

Washington said Friday that applicants "should not come to the border before they are asked to do so". "Therefore, it is a historic act", Obrador said, according to Voice of America (VOA).

The DOJ said the Commerce Department "remains committed to a robust defense of national security as well as ensuring the viability of our economy and preserving individual rights and data". The DHS also warned migrants that the announcement should not be interpreted "as an opening for people to migrate irregularly" to the U.S. "We are grateful to the president for making that decision and for helping Central America", said this man, who has lived in Ciudad Juarez for almost two years.

"I am very happy because in all this time we have been here waiting we have had many unpleasant experiences", she said.

For his part, Honduran Jose Madrid, 40, thanked the Biden administration.

"Life is very hard in Central America and we are grateful to the president for making that decision and helping Central America", said Madrid, who has been in Ciudad Juarez for almost two years.

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