Donald Trump's Atlantic City Hotel and Casino Demolished

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Febbraio 17, 2021

In June, Carl Icahn - the senior lender for the Trump Plaza's mortgage - submitted plans to Atlantic for the casino's planned demolition. People gathered to watch the building once owned by former President Donald Trump crumble to the ground in a plume of smoke.

A staple of Atlantic City for more than three decades, the Trump Plaza, came down in a matter of seconds at 9:07 a.m.

Demolition crews positioned explosives at strategic points along the building's support structures to bring the building down on itself, with the debris falling in a slightly north-northeast direction, Fire Chief Scott Evans said.

The once-iconic casino frequented by celebrities, rock stars and athletes, opened its doors in 1984, held several high-profile boxing matches that Trump attended, and touted itself as "Atlantic City's centerpiece".

According to the Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, you'll be able watch the implosion from outside your auto, but you must stay near your vehicle, as social distancing requirements - including the wearing of masks - will be practiced.

Atlantic City is livestreaming the implosion on its website and Facebook page. "So when he left Atlantic City, it wasn't, 'Sorry to see you go.' It was, 'How fast can you get the hell out of here?'"

Trump had given up much of his involvement by the time the Plaza closed its doors. He retained a 10% stake.

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