Hunter Biden Says He Picked for Crack off Dirty Carpets

Modesto Morganelli
Aprile 4, 2021

In a teaser released Friday for another portion of the interview, Hunter Biden spoke about a second intervention, in which the then-2020 presidential candidate chased his son down the driveway, sobbing, begging him to stop using drugs.

In an interview with "CBS Sunday Morning" about his new book, Hunter explained he didn't definitively know if the water-damaged MacBook Pro laptop abandoned at a DE fix shop belonged to him, but he left the possibility open, saying it could "certainly" be his.

The confrontation over Hunter's drug habit became so tense, he tells CBS, he stormed out of the house before his daughters blocked him from getting in his vehicle and driving off.

"This was the hardest part of the book to write", Hunter tells CBS This Morning co-host Anthony Mason, according to video the network released in advance of the interviews.

"I tried to go to my auto, and my girls literally blocked the door to my vehicle, and said: 'Dad, Dad, please".

Hunter Biden said that he talked to his father everynight - and that the president called all the grandkids daily too.

"He grabbed me", Hunter recalls, his eyes glassy with tears during the clip.

Joe Biden grabbed his son in a bear hug.

"We should be revisiting it regardless because the real story was not just what those documents showed about Biden and China and Ukraine, but also the abuse of power by Facebook and the Democrats to censor a major story right before an election".

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden Admits Infamous Laptop Could 'Certainly' Be His — But

"But did I make a mistake, based upon some ethical lapse?"

'No, I don't think I made a mistake taking a spot on that board, ' he said. "It's hard. ... But, you know, I guess one of the reasons that I'm crying is because - you know, handsome things, we're here".

That interview will air Monday morning, while a separate interview with CBS correspondent Tracy Smith will air the day before.

The pair of sit-downs is the first time Hunter has opened up on camera, in such detail, about his history with addiction.

Among those correspondences were emails from a Burisma advisor thanking Hunter for introducing him to his father while Joe Biden served as Vice President of the United States.

"He came to my apartment one time, and this was when he was still in office as vice president, and so he kinda ditched his Secret Service, figured out a way to get over to the house", Hunter Biden told Smith.

Hunter Biden admitted he checked into rehab only to have a relapse into abuse and addiction, saying he almost was another son his father would have lost.

However, both President Biden and his son have denied any wrongdoing.

Hunter was emotional at the end of the interview, saying "I'm a Biden; I cry too much", and claiming his he and his father speak every night as they have for years.

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