North Korea tests rocket engine, possibly for ICBM

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Giugno 23, 2017

It could be one stage of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) engine that would be able to reach the USA, the officials said.

North Korea has carried out its latest test on a rocket engine believed to be in development for the country's nuclear missile programme.

Citing a US official, Fox News said the test was conducted in the city of Yun Song, where previous rocket tests have taken place.

The news of another rocket engine test by Pyongyang comes as an U.S. official said on Wednesday there were signs of increased activity at North Korea's lone nuclear test site.

However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman questioned such calls.

Moon, a liberal who took office in May after a decade of conservative rule in South Korea, supports engagement with North Korea, but was quoted after the launch as saying that "dialogue is only possible when we have a strong military, and engagement policies are only possible when we have the security capability to dominate North Korea".

China's top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, told Trump in a meeting at the White House that Beijing was willing to "maintain communication and coordination" with the United States in an effort to defuse tension on the Korean peninsula, according to a statement from China's Foreign Ministry on Friday.

Due to the secretive nature of all of North Korea's military activity, it is hard for experts to assess how close the country is to building a reliable ICBM.

South Korea began developing Hyunmoo-2 after a 2012 agreement with its USA ally to increase the range of its weapons by 800 kilometers (497 miles) and raise the warhead limit to 500 kilograms (1,102 pounds).

Tensions between the USA and North Korea spiked once again last week when American student Otto Warmbier, who was serving a hard labour sentence in Pyongyang for allegedly stealing a propaganda sign, died shortly after returning home in a coma.

Any military solution to the North Korea crisis would be "tragic on an unbelievable scale", Trump's defense secretary, Jim Mattis, said last month.

But a test on June 21 of a new capability being developed by the United States and Japan to defend against shorter-range missiles failed to hit its target, the US Missile Defense Agency said on Thursday. The previous intercept test, conducted in February, had been successful.

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