Ticket, Please? Nope, Your Smartphone's Audio Data Will Do

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Luglio 6, 2017

The app uses an ultrasonic sound technology Lisnr calls "smart tones" to transmit information between devices. Lisnr which was Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio around 2012, has produced up to $14 million following its inception and has some notable backers, with inclusion such as Intel that guided its $10 million series B round back in 2015. As one of the world's largest ticketing vendors and distributors, Ticketmaster is a major coup for Lisnr as it looks to scale its technology in the real world - the company told VentureBeat that this is the biggest commercial agreement it has made to date. As a user approaches the venue their phone broadcasts the ticketing data, which is detected by a scanner at the venue and confirms the user's identity.

The technology has been introduced at "hundreds" of venues, with a full global rollout expected over the next four years. Succinctly, Lisnr's smart-tones comprise of audio signals in the range of 18.75 kHz and 19.2 kHz and are absolutely in audible to greater than 90 percent of human population.

A number of worldwide venues have been testing the system and Ticketmaster says it has seen faster entry times and no instances of fraud, thanks to the tones being unique to each device and linked to an account - something that could let the company exert more control over the resellers market.

Cost and convenience are all very well and good, but digging under the hood of Lisnr's technology reveals other reasons a public venue may wish to embrace Lisnr's smarts. "This means using identity to drive customized experiences based on who you are and where you are, eliminating fraud, resulting in a safer environment, and delivering more personalization based on the specific event you're attending". Venture Beat reports that future plans include proximity-based messaging and even Lisnr-powered payments within the venues. Going forward, attendees may also be able to buy items in venues using their Smart Tone tickets, and venues will be able to send location-based messages to concertgoers.

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