Reasons You Might Not Want An Apple HomePod

Rodiano Bonacci
Febbraio 14, 2018

Recently, 9to5Mac reported Apple would be willing to replace HomePod cables for $29 if they were damaged, though Apple believes such a fix will be a "rare instance".

To my ears, the HomePod is better in the lower, bass frequencies and is impressively good at bouncing sound off walls with its seven tweeters to create an immersive stage. For the price of one HomePod you could buy two Google Homes - one for downstairs, one for upstairs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, of which Apple is a component, has gained 20% in that time. But most of those reviews seem to have avoided making precise measurements of the HomePod's audio output, instead relying on personal experience to give generalized impressions.

When we first saw the HomePod announced, it was a novel idea. Apple says that if your Homepod speaker is not working properly or is having an issue, it will cost them $279.

Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AAPL) smart speaker HomePod was never going to be as smart as, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Echo or Alphabet Inc.'s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Home.

Consumer Reports says that it has not yet completed its "full evaluation", but that early results from HomePod testing show that while it sounds "very good", the Google Home Max and Sonos One slightly edge it out.

Now that the HomePod is finally for sale, newer versions of smart speakers sold by Google and Sonos are also offering better sound quality compared to older models, noted Consumer Reports.

And if you enjoy classical music - holy cow, you're in for a real aural treat. Bach's "Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007" performed by Yo-Yo Ma just glides on HomePod. Selling at $350, the smart speaker is indeed on the expensive side of things.

After the HomePod is working, you are safe to delete the Music app if you really don't want to keep it around.

And when it comes to smart speakers, audio has been the pain point. There is a circular control touch panel on the top where Siri appears when woken with the words "Hey, Siri" followed by your command. But unless you're a member of the Cult of Mac, best to hold off on a HomePod for now. The latter is another big omission for me because HomePod is tied to a single iCloud account, meaning even if the calendar features were available, they would only work with my calendar account.

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