Chinese tourists killed in North Korea traffic accident

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Aprile 24, 2018

Late last week, Japan's Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said the American, French and British missile strike against Bashar al-Assad sent a "message towards North Korea as well", speaking through an interpreter during a meeting with Mattis at the Pentagon.

Those weapons are the core of his authoritarian rule, a "powerful treasured sword" meant to neutralise USA nuclear threats.

This time South Korea's President Moon has said Mr Kim is not asking for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula as a condition for abandoning his nuclear weapons.

"If North Korea, from the starting point of a nuclear freeze, takes the path of complete dismantlement of its nuclear program, a bright future for North Korea will be guaranteed", Moon said, echoing words that have been used by Trump administration officials.

Kim's ostensible willingness to make such concessions on his nuclear and missile programs to lay the foundation for a sit-down with Trump "shows that he realizes that time and momentum is on the side of the United States and our allies", the Arkansas Republican added.

South Korea's Defense Ministry reportedly made a decision to turn off the music to "ease military tensions and create a peaceful mood for the meeting".

The pace of North Korea's nuclear dismantlement and timeline for sanctions relief are expected to be major issues in the Trump-Kim summit, but the White House source indicated that "the sky is the limit" should North Korea be willing to move quickly to denuclearize and that "all sorts of good things" can come about if it does. South Korean officials have said denuclearization would be discussed when Kim and Moon meet. This can not be viewed as a bilateral U.S. Yes, I am. Here's the update: Kim is a more adept con man, and Trump an easier mark, than even I had imagined. Trump's pick for secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, said recently that "no one is under any illusions that we will reach a comprehensive agreement".

"Look, this is a great public relations effort by Kim Jong-un". "Also, South Korean President Moon, who has said that North Korea has expressed a will for complete denuclearization, and certainly that's the focus of any conversation and negotiation that the United States will have with North Korea".

He did not elaborate, but the remarks follow the April 20 vow by Kim to stop testing long-range and nuclear missiles and to shut down a testing site.

All this essentially means that the realpolitik of North Korea giving up its nuclear program remains tenuous at best. For Kim, it's a code word for the United States withdrawing its security guarantee from South Korea, allowing the North to bully and possibly even swallow its neighbor. This process, however, could easily be disrupted if the North asks for excessive rewards for partial disarmament steps or the country fails to let outsiders inspect military bases or other sensitive places with possible nuclear weapons.

The difficulty with North Korea remains the fact that they see their nuclear deterrent as essential in preserving a regime facing increasing worldwide hostility, even from long-time allies such as China.

At least 36 people have died following a horrific bus crash in North Korea.

He said the two upcoming summits are a "huge gamble" for all three leaders if they don't produce a breakthrough.

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