A 'strawberry moon' is coming: What you need to know

Rodiano Bonacci
Giugno 19, 2019

The full moon in the month of June got the nickname "Strawberry Moon" from the Algonquin tribes of Native Americans who lived in Eastern North America, according the Old Farmer's Almanac.

Father's Day Sunday will end with a glorious full Strawberry Moon - as well as the flawless time to see Jupiter which will shine bright beside it.

A full moon is due to take place on 17 June, Monday - the sixth full moon in 2019 that is expected to peak everywhere on Earth at the same local time.

The strawberry moon is not a supermoon but if it is a clear night then skygazers will still have an easy time viewing it from moonrise until it sets at around 5.39am. Research indicates that June was considered to be the best time to harvest honey from bees, according to NASA.

Europeans historically also called this full Moon the "Mead Moon", named after the sweet fermented honey drink.

Make sure to turn upward from phones for a few minutes tonight to see the Strawberry Moon, which will be obvious from sundown to sunrise.

The successor of the so-dubbed Flower Moon, which made its appearance a month earlier, will be at its fullest during the night, rising at around 9.30 pm GMT, as the moon will enter the right position to produce an incredible sight.

The name Rose Moon is derived from the romantic connotations the full moon has to this time of the year.

Summer is nearly upon us and there is a stunning celestial sight that will light up the sky on June 17: 2019's Strawberry Moon. While the moon won't be as colourful as ripe strawberry, it may actually change colour slightly, if you live in northern side. It must also be noted that at the time of a total lunar eclipse when the Moon hides under the shadow of the Earth, it gets a bold reddish hue which we refer to as the Blood Moon.

But this is not the only name the June Full Moon is known by.

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