313K join group pledging to storm Area 51 to search for aliens

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Luglio 13, 2019

After all, Area 51 is fiercely guarded by an army of so-called "camo-dudes" whose sole objective in life seems to be to keep trespassers out of the top-secret military base. Almost 400,000 have pledged to find out.

"Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us" has 486,000 Facebook users listed as going as on Friday afternoon and another 487,000 clicking that they are merely interested in taking part.

Attendees will supposedly meet at a nearby "tourist attraction" where they will "coordinate our entry".

"If we [Naruto] run, we can move faster than their bullets", the description continues, referencing the Japanese animation in which characters run with their hands and arms straight behind them, theoretically to reduce air resistance.

Scheduled for 3am on September 20, the raid has been organized with one mission in mind: to "see them aliens". So, that's it. After decades of mystery, humanity will Naruto run its way to unravelling alien life.

"I'm not responsible if people decide to actually storm area 51".

In an effort to obtain objectivity, most news outlets are reporting the straight facts, missing the point that the event is full of alien memes, people asking about the food truck situation for the event, and suggested SnapChat filters.

DailyMail.com has reached out to NTTR officials about whether the event is being taken seriously. For years there have been rumors that the base is holding aliens and UFOs. It is believed that the military uses the base and restricted air space above to develop and test experimental aircraft and weapons systems. According to conspiracy theorists, military personnel took the UFO that crashed in the area and stored it in Area 51 to be studied.

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